Friday, June 12, 2009

Too Busy Having Fun

After the early afternoon of wandering with Vince and Nanci,  the evening was taken up with shmoozing and noshing!

First, the mass signing at Dark Delicacies.  Tons of people, though some didn't make it because of continuing heavy weather in the middle of the country. I finally met Joel Sutherland and Michael Calvillo and Corinne de Winter, as well as newcomer Peter Cline, who's a swell new author with a story in The World Is Dead. Del took some copies for the store, and paid on the spot, which is always a treat. 

Then it was off to dinner at Octopus. It was a competent but not exceptional sushi bar. Or more precisely, the food was spotty. Gyoza and yellow tail were to die for, but the spider roll was blah, and the eponymous octopus was a little tough. (The surf clam, however, was remarkably tender.)

Then I was introduced to this other strange substance, which, like bubble tea, can be found around here, but I had not heard of it before last night. Hopefully, like bubble tea, I'll now be able to track it down in NY, as it was a pretty awesome experience.


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