Saturday, May 16, 2009

Star Trek

Judging from the blogs and message boards, I'm probably the last person in the USA to see this, so my review can have no effect, but here goes.

The bullet review: Honor. Duty. Sacrifice.

The Greek review: Thumos!

The Latin review: Virtus! (heavy emphasis on the "vir"!)

The Star Trek Standard Tropes Review:

Kirk getting a serious smack down laid on him
main characters marooned on frozen planet
time anomalies
interracial kissing (several times! Yay!)
Enterprise sucked into some Bad Thing as Scotty runs around saying "She can' take an'more!"
raised eyebrows

'Nuff said.

Now, there were some problems with adapting it to movie format. I thought the most notable was that in the series, each minor character (Uhura, Chekhov, Sulu, Scotty) gets his own 60 minute episode. In the movie, they each get their own 10 minute segment to be the hero. But then they kind of just stand around during the other people's segments, or during the main plot. It was kind of clunky.

But, I was thoroughly pleased with it. Nice start to the summer.


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