Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trash Pickers! Like Zombies!

Tomorrow is Throw Out Day, when the garbagemen pick up odd sized and shaped items. (Unfortunately, still they don't pick up the really impossible to get rid of things like tires.)

So today my son wants me to take him and his friend somewhere. My car is full of various things, including my daughter's violin. So I take some items out and set them in the driveway, thinking to pick them up and take them in when I get back in ten minutes.

But as I drive away, I remember it's Throw Out Day, and how the trash pickers come the night before and pick through the trash for anything useful. And I look in the rearview mirror and see the rusted out pickup already approaching my driveway.

I throw the car in reverse and go rocketing back the 200 feet to the driveway - where a trash picker already has the violin in his clutches! So now I'm in tug of war with some toothless mountain person over a violin!

Fortunately, Pa in the pickup truck told Jr. that he had seen me pull out, so that yes, this probably was my violin and he should let go.



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