Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seducers and Simoniacs

Made some good progress on them. I did the seducers' chapter, which was really a combination of them, along with the panderers and flatterers. (Good Aristotelian that he is, Dante sometimes gets carried away with the subdividing!) It turned into a much bigger chapter than I intended (ca. 4k words) but that's okay. I think it moves along fine, and contains all the key elements of those sinners -

a river of shit
hyper rationalization of the sin

Then I thought about the next circle, for the simoniacs. I'd originally thought to leave them out (again, it's hard to distinguish them from the grafters [barrators]), but their circle contains one of the most memorable images from Inferno - people with their feet on fire (not the rest of them). Then I got this idea how to work in some religious charlatans at this point in the journey, so it'll work perfectly!!


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