Saturday, March 03, 2007

Horrorfind This Weekend - Some Class Acts

Just got back from the Horrorfind Weekend in Baltimore. Small display, especially for the vendors' room. But the autograph room had a good assortment. Friday the 13th and Hellraiser fans must've been happy. And the two celebrities I wanted to see were really class acts. I mean it. Ken Foree was a very soft-spoken gentleman who actually took an interest in my book on Romero's zombies, and when I gave him a copy, he waved away all payment for his autograph. Now that's a nice guy, I think. I'm sure dealing with fan boys all day can make you pretty disinterested and immune, so I was very impressed with his demeanor. And Adrienne Barbeau had an even harder time of it, I'm sure, and she was just as patient and generous. The guy in line ahead of me had some breathing disorder that necessitated him taking a long, wheezing gasp after each syllable, so you can imagine how hard it was to listen to him tell her how great she is, but she sat through it without betraying the slightest annoyance or impatience. That's classy. I hope everybody had a great time. Oh, and I laughed as I checked out: the hotel had posted little notes on the check-in desk, telling their patrons that they were sorry, but there was a horror convention there this weekend, and they should not be scared by anything they see, everything's under control.


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