Sunday, May 15, 2011

Travel and Upcoming Appearances

Swedish Zombies!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Audio Book Versions! has now launched the first phase of ZOMBIEFEST!

The ‘home’ of the promotion:

The following titles are featured:

· TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD + AFTER TWILIGHT: WALKING WITH THE DEAD by Travis Adkins (Narrated by Rachel Botchan, Kevin T. Collins, and LJ Ganser)

· THE INFECTION by Craig DiLouie (Narrated by Peter Ganim)

· EX-HEROES by Peter Clines (Narrated by James Snyder and Khristine Hvam)

· VALLEY OF THE DEAD by Kim Paffenroth (Narrated by Victor Bevine)

· DOMAIN OF THE DEAD by Iain McKinnon (Narrated by Karl Miller)

The page also has a link to a form where zombie fans can ask the ‘zombie experts’ questions about zombies for which they’re dying to get answers. (Or un-dying.)

Fans have until May 31 to submit their questions; the best ones will be selected, and the answers will be posted as part of an promotion in July.

I personally can't wait to hear how VALLEY sounds!!


Triumph of The Walking Dead