Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Update

Nothing major today. I got my lawn chair out of cobwebs and hosed it off, should there ever be a warm day this spring. Had to stand outside at church, where it's always SRO on Easter. So I really looked at the statue of Mary. Now, I don't think statues have to be historically accurate (I doubt the Buddha was a ripped but androgynous slab the way he's depicted), so I don't really want a statue of Mary to look like a teenager. But I'd think an icon should convey the message or purpose behind the figure - for example, the Buddha looks serene, and he taught us how to be serene ourselves. So I'd think Mary should look passionate, ecstatic, devoted. But this one just looks like a Stoical, 60 year old lady. Reminded me of my grandmother. No expression whatsoever. I was really rather amazed at how ugly it was, now that I looked closely.

Well, other than that, it was a fine day to be outside, and always nice to see the old place filled to overflow. Bland sermon, but I think they're all bland (except when I find them downright offensive or misinformed).

Then back home for cooking, where I have to say - best turkey I ever made. I have got this brining process down, and it rocks the bird. Stuffing was awesome too (and since the kids stopped eating stuffing, I can now put mushrooms in it, which is fine with me). And the glop I made out of the canned cranberries was almost as good as the relish I usually make out of the fresh. So one of my best holiday meals ever.


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