Sunday, May 30, 2010


At the NEW Meadowlands! (I wonder how long they get to call it that?)

Awesome show! "Jumpin' Jack Flash" was a nice touch. Fireworks were a great touch. And at least JBJ can still sing (unless there was some lip sycnhing hanky-panky, which I had to wonder about, given how glitzed up the whole background projected images of him and the band were). Some of the projected animation was fun, like for "We Weren't Born to Follow" and "Work" (both of which I'd never heard before - don't think I'll rush out and buy them, but their foray into socially conscious music seemed okay -not a big stretch, just some working class blues slathered with their usual optimism - think Springsteen without an ounce of desperation and with a pound of glammy, shrill hope heaped on top).

And for once - a teenage girl standing next to me, instead of my usual concert neighbor - a big, tattooed guy who smacks me in the head with his hairy elbows all night, and/or alternates hits from a crushed soda can bong, with telling me I'm his best friend and only I understand him. No, the teen only gyrated fairly tastefully, with only very light pokes from her more or less hairless elbows. I feel so - refreshed! - after a concert, for the first time!


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