Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back from Book Expo America!

And what's with all the anti-Obama books? Sheesh - every time I'd turn a corner, there's another one. I guess someone figures to make a buck off the Tea Baggers, but it seems like the wrong crowd to be trying to sell books to. But, well, capitalism finds a way.

Saw the nice folks at the HWA booth - Gary Frank, Ellen Datlow, and Jonathan Maberry. Chatted to them briefly, as I was trying to take in as much as possbile between handing off my name badge to the missus, who also wanted to walk through. I mostly wanted to get as much contact info as I could for foreign publishers and graphic novel publishers, as those are the two areas (along with films, of course) where I'd like to sell rights, if I could figure out how.

Took the missus to Uncle Nick's Greek Cuisine after. Wow - Greek really isn't my favorite ethnic food, but my wife doesn't really like asian the way I do, so I compromised, and it was probably the best Greek food I remember.

So not a bad day overall.


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