Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Walking Dead on TV

Looks like it might happen!

Frank Darabont to direct The Walking Dead?

As I've said about the graphic series (and as the article breathlessly expresses in inset shout boxes), it's one of the directions I see zombie films and literature going (the others being the Shaun of the Dead route - satire; and the Day/Land of the Dead route - a story about the lingering or growing consciousness of the dead): making the story about the survivors and their (mostly non-zombie related) tribulations. Or, as I like to quip about the series - even though most every issue has the same, "standard" zombie cover - two people with guns and bats surrounded by 500 zombies - the interior almost never bears out the cover's promise, but is really about "people screwing while zombies mill around outside." Which is kind of what would happen, I think, and proposes a different set of issues and interests.


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