Tuesday, August 04, 2009

History Is Dead Review

I keep forgetting to post this. It's an old review and I hadn't seen it before this year's NECON, when Jack showed it to me and I bought a copy so I could post it. I thought the contributors who were singled out for praise would appreciate it!

Excerpts from History Is Dead review, Dead Reckonings 3 (Spring 2008) 91:

"... a consistently impressive parade of undead throughout time.... the quality of the stories in History Is Dead is remarkably high.... Among the highlights is the debut of Raoul Wainscotting , as a scourge of 'postvitals' invades opening day at the Globe Theatre. Also worth singling out is Jenny Ashford's story about a vengeful father and a son with his own idea of duty.... Leila Eadie deposits an outbreak of the 'sickness' into Regency society.... Rebecca Brock employs well-worn Southern-fiction tropes in a moving story of another woman and her father.... John Peel cleverly twists the myths surrounding the Lone Ranger with genuine wit, and his story is the most purely fun.... History Is Dead offers a highly coherent anthology-reading experience... and a cover disturbing enough to be brought out when houseguests overstay their welcome."


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