Monday, August 03, 2009

Book Review

Reading a great one by Lee Blackburn of Milligan College, about this scholarly book on Augustine:

Jean-Michel Fontanier. La Beauté selon Saint Augustin.

And I came across this interesting phrase: "... the aesthetic justification of the Incarnation."

Now that's fascinating, that the Incarnation would not just be necessary, or moral, or good, but that it would be beautiful. (And therefore, because beautiful, it would appeal to the human mind, which by nature seeks out that which is beautiful - to study, appreciate, and love it.)

I really do think that aesthetics will increasingly replace some of our older ways of phrasing theological truths - because everyone, I think, has a deep affinity for beauty, no matter what their religious affiliation or beliefs, and therefore aesthetics offers a more universal expression than our older language of dogma.


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