Wednesday, August 05, 2009

$90 of Vacation Woes

Nothing in the big picture, but it should be noted.

I have been in contact with Marriott since the June 13 Stoker banquet. Anyone who attended that will tell you (if they're being honest) that it was the vilest bunch of cafeteria-quality food they ever ate. They probably had a great time (as did I) because of the camaraderie and company, but the food was cold, tasteless, long overdue, and overcooked. We got water with dinner and bad coffee after. For $50/head. I ended up going to Carl's Jr. afterwards. I thought Marriott was going to do the right thing and make some recompense to, as they called me a couple weeks after my complaint and assured me everything would be taken care of. But no. Nothing since. No follow up. They just figure I'll go away.

Our friends at Anheuser-Busch behaved similarly. My family and I had a great time at Busch Gardens. But when I booked the vacation, I was prompted to buy parking tickets, which I then found out I didn't need with the park hopper passes I'd bought. I have now called them THREE times, with lengthy holds each time, trying to get my money back, again being assured each time that everything was taken care of. But no refund on my Visa.

To corporate America - we know times are tough, so you don't want to refund money. But times are tough, so we are all the more loathe to let that money go, when you screw us over for it. Build some goodwill with the consumers, why don't you, so we'll come back and spend more money. Right now I'll be damned if I drop off more money at either of those places. Sheraton and Six Flags are looking like much better destinations right now.

UPDATE: Marriott decides to stonewall, with "We're sorry you didn't like your meal."

FURTHER UPDATE: Kim's soaking in sweat and not inclined to stop badgering!

FINAL UPDATE: Kim is defeated. Corporate America wins this round. All Kim can do now is contrive a way to blame the Republicans for it. Confident he can do that, at least!


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