Monday, January 26, 2009

28k Words and Note on Outlining

Hit 28k words and finished Chapter 10. The chapters with the kids come so easily, as I love the characters so much. The less likable characters (i.e. everyone else) take more work, as I find it hard to see things from their jaundiced or sickened point of view.

And I should note on outlining: when I say I have it detailed, I just mean that for each chapter, I know what needs to happen to move the plot forward. I have no idea what images or symbols or most other details I'm going to use. So for Chapter 10, all it said was "Kids talk; boy has seizure," 'cause that's all that needs to happen for the plot to advance. But what they'd eat for lunch, and how they'd then play with Legos all just came to me as I was going.


Blogger Bobbie Metevier said...

Awesome, there's still plenty of room for duh magic to happen then . . .

Happy writing!

10:18 PM  

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