Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Update

Sorry, I forgot!

Turkey: Vile. Worst I ever made. Wet, tasteless, and tough as leather. Don't know what happened.

Ham: Best ever. Salty, sweet, with a hot mustard/horseradish/maple glaze.

Stuffing: Great batch. Added walnuts and mushrooms and the different textures were perfect.

Beets and brussel sprouts: Great batches of much-maligned vegetables. Firm and flavorful. Lemon pepper on the sprouts, butter and a little dill on the beets.

Cranberry relish. Excellent batch. Used clementines and walnuts this time. Nice tang and crunch.

Pickles. Put them down in September. A little too sour, but what crunch! And the dill and garlic flavors were incredible.

Marinated mushrooms. A little too HOT (spicy), but a nice winey, woodsy taste. Good in small doses.

Pies (apple, pecan, and pumpkin): All great, especially the pecan.

So I think I'm gonna do a lot of the same dishes for Christmas and buy my turkey elsewhere and we'll be GTG!


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