Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lookin' at the Stuff on My Desk

I got a lot of little knick-knacks. So I'll go through what they represent, as it's quite a goulash of late 20th century pop culture

Thunderbirds: I got an original TB2 and a retro TB1 on the desk. Used to watch it constantly, mostly when I was really young, like preschool age. Once school started, I remember mostly Kimba, and then when we moved to VA, I remember Marine Boy and Speed Racer.

GORT: I sprung for a GORT reproduction a few years ago. He's heavy, like he's made out of depleted uranium or something. He looks good. I remember that cautionary tale, and often think of how it chastens us to not think we're so smart or know so much.

Arthur: I don't remember where he came from, but he was my son's absolute favorite creature in the preschool years. Santa brought an Arthur tshirt one year , and it was an adult medium (since that was the only size Dad could get at Borders when he worked there) and it was humongous on my little 4 year old, but Mom played it off as an elf's mistake and he wore it as a huge nightshirt for years and loved it to death.

Signed JUDAS PRIEST pic in steel knobby frame: When I first included a quotation from the Lads from Birmingham in one of my books, I asked for a signed pic and they sent it! Yay! It glowers. It glares. It's an inspiration to me.

Picture of 1980 Toyota Corona: OMG that car. I have a dream about it about once a month. I'd be buried in it if I could, but it was towed away. I hope someday Gary Busey and I could go on a quest to find the wreck of it in a junkyard and tow it back to my house. It was everything a car or lover should be - loyal, trustworthy, hard working, undemanding, indestructible.

A half century of goodness there. I'm glad I was around for it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your desk!

11:20 AM  
Blogger KPaffenroth said...

Oh, you'll really like the desk here at work, then!

1:25 PM  

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