Saturday, November 15, 2008


Pretty great time seeing them with the boy child. The opening band was painful. I mean, if your band wants to play lame covers at the Holiday Inn on Tuesday nights when there are free wings and $2 well drinks, that's great - but to open for BOC with such foolishness? Embarrassing. And the lads of BOC played a few too many B side tracks, and should've definitely played Veteran of the Psychic Wars. But man, when they play a solo, it's one for the ages, every time. I remember seeing Yngwie, and his solos just got so darned boring. But tonight, the solos, even though they came hot and heavy, just felt right and kept the crowd (all 2k of them in a classic 1920s theater) enthralled. Definitely worth it. I think Burning for You and Hot Rails might be my more favorite cuts, over the typical Godzilla and Don't Fear the Reaper.


Blogger Bobbie Metevier said...

On Tour Forever. I saw Blue Oyster Cult two years ago at DTE Music Theater. Everybody was passing out 110 stickers to signify their 110th appearance in Michigan. When I made my way to the parking lot, I discovered that I had stickers all over me and in the strangest places, too.

12:57 AM  
Blogger Matt Cardin said...

Very cool, Kim! I'm a BOC fanatic of 20 years' standing (which I know still brings me late to the party), but have somehow never managed to see them play live. So reading your post caused me to fall prey to one of the seven deadly sins, namely, envy.

Despite my failure to actually attend a show, I do know what you're talking about regarding the amazing solos. In addition to being clearly evident on their classic live album, there's the truly excellent concert that played free on DirecTV back in 2003. Buck was positively burning up the guitar. The guy ain't lost nothing. So it's great to hear that they were in top form last night.

3:19 PM  
Blogger RJ Sevin said...

The BURNING FOR YOU video freaked me out when I was a kid. Still love that song, and I can't hear REAPER without thinking of Captain Trips...

7:37 PM  

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