Saturday, September 01, 2007

Big Bump - From Whence Does It Come?!

D2L has edged all the way back up to 11,000th on Amazon, and the rather impressive 58th place spot on Generel Fiction - Horror. Was it the dust up earlier in the week, in which I was maligned and accused of God knows what? Or is it the ongoing debate with the very polite and knowledgeable Novel Moniker? (Would that all discussants and readers were so alert and reasonable!) Labor Day shopping? Or back to school reading? Dare we hope - has D2L been assigned in literature or writing classes across our fair land? Oh, that would be a coup. I've written or edited a dozen or so academic books, and none of them got assigned in classes, and then I write a zombie novel, and it's picked right up for class reading! I'd LMAO.


Blogger PermutedPress said...

The first Undead anthology got picked up for a class this past summer so anything is possible!

12:17 AM  

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