Saturday, January 29, 2011

The League of Tana Tea Drinkers

Not only have I been remiss in adding new members, but when I was fiddling with my blog a while ago, I deleted all my links by mistake. But I've now got all my fellow members of the League of Tana Tea Drinkers back on the sidebar, and I'll give them a blog entry here today as well. Check out all their cool blogs!

The League of Tana Tea Drinkers

(Horror Blogs of note)

  • Billy Loves Stu

  • Blogue Macabre

  • Cinema Fromage

  • Cinema Suicide

  • Classic- Horror

  • Day of the Woman

  • Dinner With Max Jenke

  • Dr. Gangrene's Tales From the Lab

  • Drunken Severed Head

  • Evil Amp

  • Evil On Two Legs

  • Fascination With Fear

  • Freddy In Space

  • Goblin Books

  • Good, the Bad, and Godzilla

  • Groovy Age of Horror

  • Helder Horror

  • Horrors Not Dead

  • I Love Horror

  • Igloo of the Uncanny

  • Kindertrauma

  • Lightning Bug's Lair

  • Lost Highway

  • Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire

  • Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Movies

  • Monster Land

  • Monster Magazine World

  • Moon is a Dead World

  • My Monster Memories

  • Mystery of the Haunted Vampire

  • Planet of Terror

  • Reflections on Film and TV

  • Slasher Speak

  • Strange Kids Club

  • Sweet Skulls

  • Theofantastique

  • Too Much Horror Fiction

  • Uranium Cafe

  • Vault of Horror

  • Zombos Closet of Horror

    Blogger Sir Jorge said...

    no matter what i do, i can never get on the league of tana tea drinkers :(

    9:56 PM  
    Blogger Bill Dan Courtney said...


    This is Bill from The Uranium Cafe

    one the LOTTDs.

    I finished your book a while back, a couple months, and really liked it and how you worked a lot of things into your premise I would have never thought of. Was thinking about giving your book a supportive njod at my site. Beginning a new 'book/literature' category there.

    Will let you know when. My email is

    if you ever want to discuss theology and zombies.


    Bill D. Courtney

    9:19 AM  
    Blogger KPaffenroth said...

    Thanks Bill! I'm glad you liked it, but I have to ask - which one did you read?

    1:14 PM  

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